Andrew Jackson Jihad at Crescent Ballroom, 11/18/12 (VIDEO)

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The darkest, yet somehow most hilarious song was tentatively called "Hashtag Armageddon." The song dealt with kids documenting the end of the world with camera phones and tweeting about it (#armageddon, duh) while demons with King Diamond/Peter Criss face make up pranced around.
Melissa Fossum
Ben Gallaty (Andrew Jackson Jihad)

"This song is old and dirty," said Bonnette, introducing "People II: The Reckoning," the first of all three "People"s. Bonnette could have very well performed this song by himself, but it sounded so much better with a full band. All of the "People"s had a drastically different feel, with the first (just "People") prompting the crowd to jubilantly sing along--God, I love people sometimes as well.

Third was "People II 2: Still Peoplin'," which was performed during Bonnette's solo suite. Folks quietly sang along, which made the lyrics really stand out. It was an eerie reminder that ss much as we may cringe about people getting hit by cars or homeless men chugging mouthwash, "we're all two or three bad decisions away from the ones we fear and pity."

The somber moment was interrupted by some folks chatting near the stage, so Bonnette struck back with an explanation of the Salad Glove mentioned in the song. He said it's used for the hard to reach leaves at the bottom of a salad bowl, with the tag line "fist fuck your hunger."

Melissa Fossum
Sean Bonnette (Andrew Jackson Jihad)

After "American Tune," most of the band left the stage, leaving Bonnette to play five solo acoustic songs. The raucous sing-alongs to "Rejoice" were a weird build up to the somber "Hashtag Armageddon," but one thing was for sure-- we were all intently listening. The rest of the band came back for the end of "People II: Still Peoplin'" and a very energetic "Heartilation."

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