Andrew Jackson Jihad at Crescent Ballroom, 11/18/12 (VIDEO)

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Melissa Fossum
This is what the end of a tour looks like.

Andrew Jackson Jihad @ Crescent Ballroom| 11/18/12
Last night was what homecoming show is all about. Almost a year has passed since Andrew Jackson Jihad's last hometown show, so there was plenty of anticipation. The show progressively got better and better, leading up to a very unexpected and excellent ending.

I'm fairly confident that this was the best Andrew Jackson Jihad show I have ever seen, providing an all too friendly reminder of how lucky we are to have this band hail from Phoenix.

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Melissa Fossum
Andrew Jackson Jihad
"Thank you guys very much, this is fun. Words can express how much I love this fucking city. The time I spend here is incredible and precious," said singer and guitarist Sean Bonnette before "Hate Rain on Me." The sentiment was nice, albeit a little poorly timed. "It's a complicated relationship. It's like a rainbow in the dark," he added.

We can all relate to these mixed feelings about the city -- some truly great people live here, even if local politicians don't always have our best interests at heart. Plus, it's hot as balls and we all probably wish we could shoot the sun sometimes just so we can finally wear some sweatpants.

The band seemed just as pleased to be here as the fans going crazy to classics like "Little Prince." The tour threw them a number of tribulations, from canceling shows due to Hurricane Sandy to having a van broke down.

"You know what I don't like on this tour? The hurricanes, the broken down cars, the snow storms, the time I messed up my nail," complained bassist Ben Gallaty, giving Bonnette the perfect opportunity to add a sarcastic, "poor you." "I have no complaints about anybody on this tour," adds Gallaty, "but hurricanes are named after people."

Melissa Fossum
Andrew Jackson Jihad
The show started strong and continued to escalate from there, as Bonnette pointed out the lack of an upright bass and called the instrument "an asshole," prompting bassist Ben Gallaty to reply, "You would give me a hard time about that, wouldn't you? Feel free to yell really mean things to me," as the band launched into Can't Maintain's "We Didn't Come Here to Rock," which sounded even better with added keyboard.

The whopping 26-song setlist included quite a few tracks from Can't Maintain and Knife Man, as well as a few new songs such as "Kokopeli Face Tattoo" and the new-ish "Inner City Basehead History Teacher" from the Bringing it Together Like Pangea compilation.

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Crescent Ballroom

308 N. 2nd Ave., Phoenix, AZ

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