Metal Mondays: Metal's Vagina Monologues

To continue my rant from last week about bitches who rock (see The Butcher Babies, Boobs and Blood) and in conjunction with Revolver Magazine's announcement of their 2013 Hottest Chicks in Metal calendar, I must pay tribute to two more female-fronted bands that I saw last week at the Marquee Theatre. Then, I promise, I will stop drooling over hot girls for awhile. Cross my heart.

So begins my cheers to the sexy skills of In This Moment's Maria Brink and Halestorm's
Elizabeth "Lzzy" Hale. Metal's own Vagina Monologues performers, if you will.

While I must admit that I believe In This Moment to be a little more metal than Halestorm, it's always fantastic to see a set of such strong female voices, musical talent, and balls-to-the-wall confidence on stage together.

And before you go click on another article, the answer is yes: I do agree that many chicks in metal are present because of limited talent and big boobs. But these two front women realize that in order to get their musical prowess to the masses they have to maneuver a little sexuality as well, using it to augment their talent so to speak and not rely on it. Which seems to be key in distinguishing oneself in the world of metal as a talented chick or just a piece of ass.

Maria Brink
Back in the MySpace music days, Rob "Blasko" Nicholson, the bassist for Ozzy Osbourne discovered In This Moment and became the band's manager. That kick-off point makes sense for a band that's now shared the stage with such acts as Rob Zombie, Korn, Five Finger Death Punch, Hatebeed and Disturbed (to name a select few).

In This Moment has grown progressively more theatric over the past couple years, and this show displayed just a taste of Maria Brink's tantalizingly twisted mind. I swear; I'd have her babies if she were a man, and I'm not exactly the motherly type. Oh yeah, and I probably qualify as a stalker at this point. I've seen her at more shows than I care to recall, spanning from Phoenix to Las Vegas, Ohio, to California.

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Too bad this type of music is rare stateside, more so west side. There is a world of talent in this venue, that is quite popular in the EU. Of course, a good chunk of it is more symphonic metal. A few worth noting...

Kandia - In your face hard rock to metal that is an all out good time

Omega Lithium - Simple industrial rock to metal that somehow sucks u in

Epica - Symphonic metal at its best with angelic vocals (easy on the eyes redhead;-) ) & grunting to boot

Trillium - Reminiciant of EARLY Pat Benatar, amped up

To cap...

Within Temptation & Nightwish - Symphonic rock

There is a small taste :-). Enjoy, & Rock On!


That final line is just so touching...get this Amory Wars movie moving!

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