Treasure Mammal Outlines a Classy Date: Sizzler, Crystal Pepsi, and Planned Parenthood

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Treasure Mammal
The reports of the romance's death have been greatly exaggerated.

That's what we're taking away from the video for "Dream Girl," from Phoenix's Treasure Mammal. A standout song from his excellent Checkognize, the track has a silky, '90s R&B groove and characteristically outlandish lyrics from songwriter Abelardo Gil III.

The video, which stars Gil on a date with his wig-sporting bandmate, Daniel Funkhouser, is as hilarious as the song, which features lyrics like "I want to be all over you like British Petroleum-- but that's too soon."

"As far as the date goes, I'm a classy guy, so I took her out to Sizzler like any gentlemen would," Gil says. "I just haven't seen a woman eat so much fried shrimp in one sitting in my whole life."

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Learn more about "Dream Girl" after the jump.

Up on the Sun: Tell us about the song itself. What inspired it?

Abelardo Gil III: Well, I'm an educator by day and a wild man at night, and I'm sick of playing the field, you know? I'm looking for the goddess out there, and I think with this song I can reel her in. I guess the inspiration for this song is my never-ending quest for love in this dark and cruel world.

The lyrics are really something. What is your favorite line?

AG: It would probably be the "my love for you will spread like the bubonic plague" line. I like the comparison of two concepts that are totally polar opposites from each other, but at the same time they are very similar when put next to each other.

Describe the production process for the "Dream Girl" video.

Daniel Funkhouser: We started with a basic story premise and just began filming scenes around it. Most shots weren't planned; we would just get a bunch of different angles and ideas down. After a day of shooting, I'd take the raw footage home and start editing the good and dumping the bad. After each round of editing, it would lead to new ideas or demand re-shoots for the next filming session and the cycle repeated.

In that way, the narrative slowly shaped itself with each progressive shoot. It wasn't the most efficient way to do it, but I like leaving a lot of flexibility when working on a project. It led to a few more surprises and different directions than if we'd story boarded the whole thing from the start.

I also wanted to include some footage from a live performance because it's such a big part of the Treasure Mammal experience. I handed my camera off during one of our shows at the Trunk Space (to impromptu camera girls Zoe Clang and Emily Rader) who did a great job capturing a variety of scenes for me to work with while editing.

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