Riff Raff: "Twitter's Dad" Has an Icee Pendant, Jack-'O-Lantern Chain, and an Iced-Out Wonder Woman

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Riff Raff
It seems that Riff Raff can't be broken. The Houston born-and-bred rapper is the epitome of ADD-ready Tumblr rap; the man is a meme unto himself that seems to alternate between authenticity and erraticism. Now based in Hollywood, Riff Raff has taken on a British alter ego under the self-appointed moniker Jody Highroller -- as if the guy needed yet another personality to likely baffle his audiences.

Yet that couldn't be farther from the case. While Riff Raff tends to be written off as a novelty by those who feel that rap's last peak was with 50 Cent's Get Rich Or Die Tryin', Riff seems to be thumbing a nose on that blinged-out era. For those intimate with Riff Raff, recall his Icee pendant, his jack-'o-lantern chain, or the iced-out Wonder Woman. Listen to five of his tracks and count the absurd number of luxury automobile references. Is he making some meta-statement of rap's heyday that wasn't all that long ago?

We might never know. For a man that considers himself to be "Twitter's dad," in his own words, Riff rarely exposes his true notions or intent, preferring absurdity to clarity. It's this inadvertent mystique that charms his fans and alienate the uninformed.

Though Riff Raff is scrutinized for his fleeting seriousness, it can't be denied that he's taken an approach to content release that is in the same vein as Lil B, putting out material and accompanying videos at an astonishing rate. After signing a three million dollar deal with Diplo, for an undisclosed number of records, Riff's been dropping videos on an almost daily basis. "I have over one hundred songs that I will be slowly dropping," Riff said via email. Based on the seventeen original Youtube tracks that he's released over the past month alone, Riff looks like he's saturating the blogosphere and has no intent of slowing down.

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