Club Candids: Monster Masquerade on Mill

Melissa Fossum
G.I. Whoa
Happy Halloween, everyone!

On behalf of everyone at Up on the Sun, I hope you find a cool concert or party to go to tonight, and thoroughly encourage you to party a little too hard. Halloween is a blast--as a kid, neighbors handed out free candy because you dressed up like your favorite superhero. It's a pretty sweet deal, though in adulthood most girls seem to adopt the Mean Girls mentality. It's okay if you dress like a skank as long as you wear some sort of animal ears.

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Melissa Fossum
Let's hope these guys aren't actually friends in real life.
This year is different, though; apparently, there's been a decrease in the amount of sexy costumes sold, though we still found our share on Mill Avenue. There were plenty of pretty girls in short skirts, natch, but there were also tons of funny and creative costumes. How often do you see a Pyramid Head roaming around downtown Tempe? He would scare the crap out of most guys sporting their Gangnam Style digs if they ever played Silent Hill.

Melissa Fossum
I dream of genie, mermaids, and superheroes.
Every year, Mill Avenue is a hot spot for costumed coeds. The street was more crowded than usual for the annual Monster Masquerade on Mill on Saturday, October 27 as pirates, bo peeps, and ballerinas flocked to bars like Canteen and Robbie Fox's Public House while DJ Aaron Taylor kept the block party moving.

Looking for some last minute costume ideas? Check out this week's Club Candids slideshow.

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