Minibosses Gear Up for Their 250th Show

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Andrew Almendarez

If you're a diehard fan of video games and you've never listened to The Minibosses, you should be ashamed of yourself. The local band by way of Massachusetts performs rock versions of classic Nintendo video game soundtracks.

The Minibosses are scheduled to perform their 250th show at Yucca Tap Room on Saturday, October 6 with GNARB00TS, Lago, and Quarter Inch Crown.

We recently caught up with Minibosses guitarist Aaron Burke to discuss the band's history, why their music is available for free, and what we can expect from tomorrow's show.

Up on the Sun: How are you going to celebrate your 250th show?

Aaron Burke: We've got this awesome band coming down from Santa Cruz called GNARB00TS. We've played a few shows with them before up there. They've never played down here, so we asked them if they wanted to come down and play this show and they said yeah. They're a pretty great hardcore/fake rap band. They usually do this punk/hardcore set to start, and then halfway through they switch veins and kind of freak audiences out. I don't want to give it away, but there's going to be some moments of collaboration between the bands,

You guys perform at Yucca Tap Room quite a bit. I think I personally have only seen you play shows there. Why did you decide to book your 250th show at the Yucca?

That's kind of our home base here, and Rodney [Hu, owner of Yucca Tap Room] is great to us, and has always been a friend to us, and has always treated us really well. There was really no other place to do it. It's our favorite place to play here and the shows are always fun and it's always free, so that makes it nice too, so people don't have to worry about paying a cover when they go see the show.

You guys have been performing as the Minibosses for quite awhile. What inspired you to start the project in the first place?

Matt and I were in a band before Minibosses called Jenova Project. When we were in that band, we did a lot of original stuff, but sometimes in the middle of songs, we would throw in video game bridges. After that band broke up, we thought it would be fun to just play the video game stuff. At first we weren't going to be exclusively Nintendo, we were thinking we might do other system stuff, but then maybe a few months into it, we decided it would be better just to stick with it. There's already enough on one system to last forever, so why skip around.

I was actually going to ask if you guys had any interest in covering music from some newer games.

I love some modern soundtracks for sure and own a lot of them on CD and mp3, but just for this project we'll probably keep it Nintendo. Jenova Project still plays little reunion shows every few years, and that does a lot of Final Fantasy stuff, so there's a lot of Playstation and Playstation 2 stuff.

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