Korn Guitarist Munky Discusses Moving Away From Dubstep With Next Record

Jim Louvau
With you, Jonathan, and Fieldy all working on side projects, do you find it hard to focus on Korn, the band that started it all?

I think we've learned to balance it very well. I mean, I'm glad that we all have something other than Korn to focus on, and it keeps us involved. It keeps ideas fresh to when it's time for Korn to come together. Because you know, you've tried things out with your side project and you think, this is kind of clever. Then on the other hand, you find ideas that don't work, but may work for a side project. It can go both ways. But any ideas that come up at the moment, we use it for whatever we're working on at the moment. The projects are all so different, and we are all so different. I think that is what makes us an interesting band. Our personalities come out through our instruments. That's what makes us unique.

I know [drummer] Ray Luzier been on board for quite awhile, and you've said that he's like the lost member of the band. But do you think fans will ever see a full reunion of the original members?

That is a great question. [Laughs] Anything is possible, as I've discovered with this band, and this career. Anything's possible. I hope it would happen one day. But I can't really look that far into the future because I'm the type of person who lives in the day and in the moment. But it's also about putting aside your egos and moving forward. That would be great.

You formed [pre-Korn band] L.A.P.D. in your late teens. With all the ups and downs over the years and success, is there anything you would've done differently?

I don't think we would've signed the first record contract that came our way with L.A.P.D. I don't know, I wouldn't of done anything different I don't think because everything is a learning process. You learn those lessons by making mistakes.

Wes Borland of Limp Bizkit/Blacklight Burns designed your album artwork, right?

Yeah, he did. I tried to get him to be part of the project. And we actually recorded a couple songs, but we didn't really have time to flesh out those ideas and make them great. Our schedules just weren't lining up, so I asked him to design the album cover because I still wanted him to be a part of it. He created a great album cover. The real painting is like 6 feet by 5 feet; it's huge. He's so talented.

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My wife was a huge fan of Korn and got me into them.  However, since Head left and then David, she hasn't been that much into them, especially as they keep changing their sound.  Now she calls them Kron because it just isn't Korn anymore...  I, however, still love them and am behind them 100% for experimenting and trying new things.

Jim Bodden
Jim Bodden

Aww, and here I thought for sure Kornstep was the wave of the future...

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