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By now you've probably grown accustomed to starting every other week with a dispatch from "Chicken Little" himself, Maynard James Keenan. Up on the Sun is proud to feature Keenan's column twice a month, and you folks have responded in a big way to the the winemaker/multimedia artist/musician/actor's musings.

As of Wednesday, October 24, the column will be moving from Monday to Wednesday here on the blog, to correspond with the print edition of Phoenix New Times, which hits stands on Thursdays (Wednesday night if you know where to look). You can can find Keenan's column printed every other week. It should make for an interesting midweek bump, right?

In the meantime, check out what Maynard James Keenan has been up to so far on Up on the Sun:

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Ppl dont understand the importance of simicity...great read Maynard!


@puscifer @phoenixnewtimes Congrats on having your column officially become crapper reading material!

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