Madonna, US Airways Center, 10/16/12

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Jim Louvau
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Madonna @ US Airways Center| 10/16/12
With a long history of being a proven provocateur, it makes sense that Madonna has managed to piss a lot of people off since kicking off her MDNA tour.

There was that nip slip in Istanbul, and a reference to our current president as a "black Muslim," so one had to wonder what kind of shenanigans Madge would get up to as the tour made its stop at the US Airways Center last night.

Turns out, there wasn't much in the way of controversy, just one of the most over-the-top performances of the year.

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Jim Louvau
See more photos in the complete Madonna @ US Airways slideshow.
Which isn't to say there wasn't plenty to be offended by if you're of the conservative sort. Religious imagery, gratuitous violence, and Spanish curse words were just a few of the things likely to raise a few eyebrows, and if you were a Republican you probably weren't thrilled that Madonna declared President Obama the victor in Tuesday night's Presidential debate.

Of course, conservatives probably aren't big on Madge's style, but it's worth mentioning: When she cited Obama as the debate's winner, the arena seemed to be fairly split between cheers and boos.

Last night's performance was a huge stage spectacle that felt more like a Broadway production than you're average concert. There were certain points during the show that you couldn't help but smile and laugh at the craziness happening on stage.

The stage show featured a little bit of everything. There was an army of backup dancers, tight rope walkers, choreographed fight sequences, a gun toting Madonna during "Girl Gone Wild," pre-recorded performances from Lil' Wayne for "Revolver" and Nicki Minaj for the song "I Don't Give A," and a marching band suspended in the air during "Express Yourself." It was wild, and in Madonna style, absolutely fun.

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Talking Stick Resort Arena (formerly US Airways Center)

201 E. Jefferson St., Phoenix, AZ

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