Johnny Depp to Play With Alice Cooper; Here's His Five Coolest Rock Moments

Singing in movies.
Johnny Depp sort of made his singing debut in Cry Baby...the only kicker is that he didn't actually sing. He lipsynched over James Intveld's parts, but still looked pretty rad performing in a Johnny Cash-inspired role.

Years later, he able to show off his vocal chops in Sweeney Todd, which made the demon barber of Fleet Street even creepier.

Playing guitar with Eddie Vedder.
Johnny was invited on stage to play guitar with Vedder on an acoustic song from the Into the Wild soundtrack. This wasn't a one time thing, the duo performed the song at a West Memphis Three rally and were later joined by Patti Smith.

Rocking out with Marilyn Manson.

"Beautiful People" is pretty much the opposite of "Society," but Depp accentuates Manson's creepiness as the shock rocker gets his face all up in Johnny's business.

Alice Cooper and Johnny Depp are scheduled to perform at Christmas Pudding at Comerica Theatre on Saturday, December 8.

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