Boris Bon Bon Wants a Rockin' Halloween and Might Want to Marry Your Sister

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Boris Bon Bon (a.k.a. DJ Borisimo)
Got any plans for Halloween? There's certainly gonna be a slew of scary soirees and shindigs that will go down on the night of All Hallows Eve on Wednesday, October 31, and Boris Bon Bon's Fright Fiesta! at Bikini Lounge will be one of the better affairs to attend.

The performer also known as DJ Borismo plans to fill the notorious Grand Avenue dive with the sounds of "tasty tunes," as well as plenty of trashy rock 'n' roll, post punk songs, and lo-fi stompers during the party, much like he does during his weekly gig So Tough! So Cute!

We recently spoke with Bon Bon about what else is planned for the Fright Fiesta!, as well as his favorite artists to spin and how, as a native of Mexico, the very real possibility of a Mitt Romney presidency is scarier than any supernatural phenomena and might cause him to ask your sister's hand in marriage.

Name: Boris Bon Bon

AKA: Borisimo

Current gigs: Saturdays at Bikini Lounge during So Tough! So Cute!

Genres: Primarily I usually play lots of trashy garage rock 'n' roll It's my niche. But I like to branch out to other genres like lo-fi, post punk...even a little bit of country.

So how did you get into DJing?
My good friend Mike Peters gave me the push I needed. He used to play records for a friend's gallery on grand on First Fridays called The Red Door. I used to bring records and he would let me play them. We drink wine and have a merry good time

Where else have you performed?
Besides the legendary Bikini Lounge, I used to reside at Bar Smith for Sticky Fingers and the Crescent Ballroom. Guest spots at SideBar, Lost Leaf, Palo Verde, Time Out, and a few other spots.

Explain your nickname:
Well, Boris is an old nickname that was given to me in high school. I don't recall the reason. But it just stuck. Bon Bon was actually a cousin of mine that passed away so I use in remembrance.

There will be more than a few parties happening around town on Halloween night, like Sean Watson's costume ball at the Crescent. Is it hard to compete?
That crosses my mind, but I try not to focus on those things. The way I see it, I'll have an awesome band, freaky performers prolly swallowing swords and walking on glass or something, and a haunted house entrance. Plus, a dance party. I think that's a recipe for an awesome time.

Do you have anything special planned for your set?
Yes, I'll be playing tasty tunes that are very fitting to the holiday and something that's gonna make them hips shake and those feet stomp like there is no tomorrow.

Will any bobbing for apples takes place?
Hey, that's not a bad idea.

What will Kate Scatch Fever spin?
She's has a very good taste in music from rhythm and blues to trashy garage to soul and so much more. All I know is that she's bringing some hot wax to make us all shake our bones. Every time we played tunes together, she's never disappointed and I've always been introduced to a new song or group.

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Bikini Lounge

1502 Grand Ave., Phoenix, AZ

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