Within These Walls at Nile Theater, 9/21/12

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Melissa Fossum
H2O's Toby Morse

H2O, Youth of Today, and Run With The Hunted Within These Walls @ Nile Theater| 9/21/12
Last night marked the second year of local hardcore festival, Within These Walls. Last year was a success, with a full day of music on both stages. Most Precious Blood and H2O were the headliners, and this year, H2O made a return to the festival, which now spans two days.

Expectations were high after last year, and based off the first day, the second year of the festival was once again a success.

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Melissa Fossum
Run With the Hunted
The local beloved hardcore act Run With The Hunted was a blast to watch, with the guitarist reminiscing about going to shows at the Nile in 1993. Someone in the audience shouted that they were a year old at the time, giving you a sense of the average age of the crowd. The guitarist continued talking about what an honor it was to grow up with a place like The Nile, which introduced him to a bunch of punk and hardcore bands, and how he was now honored to share the stage with these bands at Within These Walls.

The crowd was full with Run With the Hunted fans that enthusiastically grabbed for the mic and dogpiled during the last song. The singer had a lot of positive things to say, like encouraging fans to remember that they're a part of a community and not to take their relationships for granted. There was definitely a great sense of community last night, as everyone seemed to be in a good mood. There weren't any fights (to my knowledge, anyway) and people were good about helping fans up if they fell down.

Melissa Fossum
Youth of Today
The response to Youth of Today was good, for the most part, but could have been better, considering the band's influence on hardcore. Frontman Ray Cappo asked who had heard of his band, and only a handful of people cheered. It was kind of a bummer, but a fan in a red jersey was the band's saving grace.

Melissa Fossum
Red jersey guy ruled
This guy, who I was told was a member of Where Eagles Dare, kept the pit going and kept yelling things like, "play ten more songs and all of Shelter!" and "one more, we're not done moshing yet!"

Youth of Today's songs were short, fast, and loud and kept fans happy. The same group of people grabbed for the mic and stage dived a bit, it was cool to watch from a distance.

Cappo acknowledged the rest of the lukewarm crowd by encouraging fans to get close and sing along, even if they didn't know the words. He instructed us how to sing- "I'm not a good singer. Get up here, you're entitled to sing as much as I," he said before "Positive Outlook," and went so far as teaching us how to sing "Youth Crew." He squatted down and instructed the audience to sing the very simple line of "me, you, youth crew."

Red jersey guy and a few other select fans did their part and sang along with Cappo, who often squatted down by the crowd to sing about youth crew, straight edge, animal rights, and so on. He raised a good point when he talked about the old days of bands like Gorilla Biscuits and Sick of it All, and how they reminisced about the past, yet this generation praises that time, so in a decade or so, people are going to look back fondly in the time we're living in now.

One of Youth of Today's best received songs was "Break Down the Walls." Things got even better as folks who weren't necessarily familiar with the band went crazy to a cover of "Minor Threat" by, well, Minor Threat.

The crowd's response to this hardcore classic song was only a taste of what was to come with H2O.

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