Twin Shadow at Crescent Ballroom, 9/4/12

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Melissa Fossum
Twin Shadow

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Twin Shadow and Bogan Via @ Crescent Ballroom| 9/4/12
Twin Shadow
played its first Phoenix show last night and there's no denying that frontman George Lewis, Jr. was the man of the hour. He stole the spotlight with his new wave sex appeal and some remarkable guitar skills--plus, he had his very own cut out hanging out by the merch booth.

Melissa Fossum
Five Seconds to your heart, baby
The Twin Shadow buddy may be charming, but it can't emote like Lewis, and it certainly can't write a novel or an album.

Twin Shadow's set had a good mix of debut album Forget and Confess, which was released a little over a month ago. The new songs were well received, with the nearly sold out crowd dancing as soon as the band opened with "Five Seconds," though fans may have just been flattered because Lewis called them a good looking bunch.

The new songs held up fantastically live, with "Golden Light" feeling like a triumphant ending to an iconic '80s movie where the good guy finally gets the girl--and there was no crying when said movie was over.

Said theoretical movie progressed with "Run my Heart," as Lewis insisted that he's not in love, a fact he once again emphasizes in "Slow." His lyrics make him the antihero, like Blane in Pretty in Pink. He may not be Duckie, but he sure is charming for "the wrong guy." Plus, how can someone who spends his downtime racing go karts be all that bad?

Melissa Fossum
Twin Shadow's George Lewis, Jr.

Lewis prompted the crowd to have a dance off during "At My Heels." The all ages section was initially winning and had some seriously entertaining dancers, but Lewis declared the 21-and-over section the winner because some girl flashed him.

Flashing aside, the audience continued to get into the songs and sang along to what was without a doubt the crowd favorite,"Castles in the Snow." After a sultry rendition of "Forget," the band returned for a two song encore.

"Sometimes people aren't deserving of encores, but you guys are very deserving," said Lewis, who claimed Phoenix was one of the best cities the band has played in so far.

The encore consisted of a couple more songs from Forget,"Shooting Holes at the Moon" and "Tether Beat," ending a fairly lengthy set on a high note.

Melissa Fossum
Bogan Via

Poolside dropped off the bill, so local folk pop duo Bogan Via was the only opener. Bret Bender and Madeleine Miller shared vocal duties, as Bender strummed a guitar for the first half of the set. The electronic last half of the set featured two keyboards and fit right in with Twin Shadow's sound. Bogan Via's forthcoming EP will have the same folk/electronic split sound and will be available by October.

Setlists and more photos on page two.

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