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The news waits for no one -- at least that's what we read somewhere -- so it's perfectly understandable that you, the reader, might have missed out on a musical tidbit, breaking news about your favorite venue, or one of our rants.

So enjoy this digest-style sampling of some of our biggest stories from the week of September 17-21.

The Gaslight Anthem's Benny Horowitz on Handwritten and SB 1070

Photo by Danny Clinch
The Gaslight Anthem
It's a pretty good time to be The Gaslight Anthem. The band, which at times sounds like a nostalgic punk rock version of Bruce Springsteen, recently signed to a major label to release its forth full-length album, Handwritten.

After the band's frontman, Brian Fallon dedicated some time to bluesy side project, The Horrible Crowes, The Gaslight Anthem is back with a vengeance. The band is currently on tour with Rise Against and Hot Water Music, and will be performing at Mesa Amphitheater on Friday, September 28.

We recently caught up with drummer Benny Horowitz to discuss the recording process of Handwritten, his thoughts on SB 1070, and how hard work and luck factor into The Gaslight Anthem's success.

Check out the full interview with Horowitz.

--Melissa Fossum

T.I., Andrew Jackson Jihad, Lady Gaga, and More Just Announced Phoenix Shows

Andrew Jackson Jihad
Quasi-political folk band Andrew Jackson Jihad, a band that would be hard to take seriously, if not for the ballsy lyrical stylings displayed on songs like "American Tune" and "Joe Arpaio is a Punk," is hitting The Crescent Ballroom Sunday, November 18.

If you've never heard them (unlikely if you're paying attention to local music), they're vaguely reminiscent of The Violent Femmes, if Gordon Gano had popped adderall through the '80s. This will be some good clean fun.

See the full list of just-announced concerts coming up.

--Richard Noel

Fiona Apple and Blake Mills, Mesa Arts Center, 9/18/12

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Photo by Melissa Fossum
Fiona Apple at Mesa Arts Center
Singer/songwriter Fiona Apple has a reputation. Her public struggles with fame and her label give the impression that a Fiona Apple performance could fall apart at any moment.

But it never came close last night at Mesa Arts Center. Not when Apple was plumbing her emotional depths, not when she was muttering about her label not spending money on her new record, The Idler Wheel, not when she was discussing what "small-titted" girls can do with extra bra padding, not when she was cackling maniacally from behind her piano. No, Apple was in charge the whole time, though the crowd seemed willing to follow her anywhere she wanted to go.

Read the full review of Fiona Apple and Blake Mills, Mesa Arts Center.

--Jason P. Woodbury

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