Rob Zombie on His New Record, New Movie, and Why Metal Shows Need Girls

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Well, I know one of my favorite movie scenes of all time is at the end of The Devil's Rejects with the "Free Bird"-themed shoot-out. Why did you choose the song for that scene?

Well I chose that song because I felt that, without a doubt, it is one of the greatest American rock songs ever made. That's the greatest song. And I thought that would make it the best songs for the characters to die to. You want something that will take you to a whole 'nother place, and I couldn't think of any other song that was more epic.

Your next film project is the Broad Street Bullies, but you've also said in the past that you want to do a film centered around Tyrannosaurus Rex. What is the interest to work on that?

That's more of an idea. Who knows if it will ever get made! That's not on schedule at all currently. Right now I'm just working on Broad Street Bullies.

And how's that going?

Well, we're not shooting it yet. Right now we're just researching the story, since it's true. Reading books on the's going well, but it's a different process since it has to be based on reality. [Laughs]

You and Sheri Moon are one of my favorite couples in music. After being together for so long, what's a secret to keeping things real in a heavy metal relationship?

I think the biggest thing we've always done, for us, is that we've always done things together, and that's what makes it special. You know, whether it's touring, or her being on stage, or doing movies together. There's nothing more strangely bonding than creating stuff together. A lot of people don't do that, but I mean if you go off on this whole life and do things separately like touring, it can create this big wedge because one person isn't a part of it. So we've always found a way to intertwine and it works.

What do you think of the current state of metal? Any up and coming bands that you have been listening to?

Nope. I haven't been listening to anything up-and-coming that I can think of. I don't really know what the current state is, and I don't want to criticize anything, but I think that sometimes with metal ... what I feel is that bands have become sort of conservative as the years have gone on. And it seems like in order for crazy things to happen, they have to break this mind set and be like 'Oh, it's metal, should I be doing this?' In all the bands I know that are considered sort of classic bands, they didn't think like that. They just did what they did, and they would take influences from really weird places to get where they were. You know, I think sometimes bands need to step outside of their comfort zone because that's where the cool stuff happens. Sometimes when a band listens to a band a lot that they call their favorite, they end up sounding just like them, and that's stupid.

Yeah, I have to agree. I always ask that question because a lot of the really great bands have been around for quite some time and can completely run it off of their own style that is timeless.

When you hear new bands coming out, there's not much of anything that is substantial.
It appears to me that bands seem very short-sided. They should have a longer thought process and shouldn't worry so much about what they're doing, about having to stick to a theme, or a genre. That was the big thing with me and White Zombie. I didn't want to, and still don't, to be part of a scene. As soon as I feel like we're getting grouped in a category with other bands, I want to get away from it; I think it's detrimental to the process. You need to be your own band. You don't want to look like anyone else, or sound like anyone else. I think that sometimes bands get into a pack mentality and look alike, sound know, maybe power in numbers, but I think ultimately it's overruled by creativity.

Those band can be really hard to come by.

Exactly, my friend.

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