Club Candids: Sun Devils and Bachelorettes at Pattie's First Avenue Lounge

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Maybe I watch too much It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, but when I heard that there's a bar in Scottsdale called Pattie's First Avenue Lounge, I assumed it would be just like Paddy's Pub. To my disappointment, Danny DeVito wasn't scheming, but there were still plenty of shenanigans to be had.

Melissa Fossum
Pattie's has a pretty relaxed vibe, right down to the movie posters and sports memorabilia on the walls, but the patrons are another story. Guests were dancing and jubilantly yelling throughout the night--perhaps they were trying to create their very own "gang" so they'd be set for a dance off or a flip cup tournament.

Melissa Fossum

Though judging by the large amount of ASU shirts, the crowd was probably in high spirits thanks to the Sun Devils' victory over Illinois. "Go Devils!" and throwing up the fork was equatable to high fives at Pattie's on Saturday, September 8. Check out Scottsdalites, Sun Devil pride, and more in this week's Club Candids slideshow.

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Pattie's First Avenue Lounge

7220 E. First Ave., Scottsdale, AZ

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