Maneone on Winning Red Bull's Thre3style University and What He's Doing at Sound Wave

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Benjamin Leatherman
Mane One and his giant check.
Last night, Manuel Camacho took a big step towards local DJ stardom. And it only took 15 minutes to do so. The 24-year-old, who performs as Maneone, bested four other mixmasters (including Convince, Mattafact, and Looney) to reign supreme during a Red Bull Thre3style University DJ battle held on Thursday evening at the Mill Avenue club.

Each competitor got exactly 15 minutes to school their opponents and win over the crowd during the contest, which is a spin-off of Red Bull's nationwide Thre3style series. Camacho did both, as he mixed up an impressive set that featured both hip-hop and Garth Brooks and saw him toss out some PB&J sammies to the audience.

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Like the old saying goes, the victor gets the spoils, which in this case were a gigunda check for $1,000 and - more importantly - a spot on the Red Bull Thre3style stage at tomorrow's Sound Wave Music Festival.

As an addendum to our DJ Dossier interview with Maneone several weeks ago, we caught up with Camacho to find out what they keys to his victory were, as well as what he'll bust out with on Saturday at Sound Wave.

Name: Manuel Camacho

AKA: Maneone

Genres: Hip-hop, old school disco, funk, soul, moombahton.

Upcoming Gigs: An afternoon slot at tomorrow's Sound Wave Music Festival on the Red Bull Thre3style Massive stage.

How does it feel to have won a Thre3style battle?
I'm not sure if its hit me yet. Right now I'm just chilling with a big-ass check in my hand. And in a few minutes I'll be strutting down Mill Avenue with a big-ass check in my hand. Hopefully [the win] will open up a few more doors with gigs or whatever.

What was the key to your victory?
I think it was my song selection, honestly. Everybody was mostly playing bangers and stuff, but I kinda took it the other way and just played some tracks that nobody has heard in awhile or never heard before. Not too much scratching going on. I'm just thinking that I won because my songs we're totally different than [my competition]. I heard a lot of people playing the same songs.

I also had a big group of friends in the back that were cheering. Really loud. I knew a lot of the other DJs had people in the front. And I guess my friends are more rowdy. It was dope.

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1500 N. McClintock Drive, Tempe, AZ

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