Krewella's Yasmine Yousef on Their Stylish and Sexy-Sounding EDM

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The members of Krewella (from left): Rainman, Yasmine Yousef, and Jahan Yousef.

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In the comments section on the YouTube video for Krewella's dubstep-heavy track "Killin' It," one clever wiseacre describes the Chicago-born electro-pop act as "2 Girls, One Drop." It's an unseemly bon mot, recalling one of the Interweb's most infamously vile viral videos, it's also a bit inaccurate.

Upon first listening, some might mistake Krewella - which feature vocalist sisters Yasmine and Jahan Yousef -- as a female pop duo. In reality, it's a trio that also stars beat-maker and producer Rainman.

And while Yasmine chuckled at the YouTube comment when we mentioned it during a recent telephone interview with the Krewella member, she gets perturbed at "yet another example" of someone forsaking the all-important third member of their trio.

"It seems like its just two girls in this group and completely forget Rainman who makes most of the beats," she says. "I hate it when people completely neglect him, he pulls us together. Plus, we all make the beats together. He helps with the lyrics and melodies and we help with the beat. It's always been a collaborative thing."

Krewella's music is also a manic and sexy thing as well, as the videos and lyrics for such songs as "Feel Me" and "Killin' It" contain suggestiveness set against raw and chaotic electro/dubstep hooks. Yasmine discussed such things with Up on the Sun during our chat, as well as their remixing Skrillex and Knife Party, and the craziness that they hope their track will bring about during Krewella's gig at Wild Knight in Scottsdale

So does Krewella fit into a particular genre?
We like to say that we make whatever we like to make. We've dabbed in everything from moombahton to drum 'n' bass. We've even got a 174 BPM track now, which is something we never expected that we'd do, that's maybe going to be out in the next few months. We really have kinda evolved, because in the beginning we were really pigeonholed into dubstep and we kinda wanted to break those barriers and be able to do whatever we wanted. And not be held back by any sort of label. And I hope we've been able to do it well.

We're really trying to infuse dubstep elements into pretty much every song we make, minus maybe like our prog-house song alive. So besides that, there's womps in every other song we've got. We're fusing all sort of stuff together.

Krewella started as just a duo with Rainman and Jahan, correct? I've read that they met after she fell down some stairs.
They've been friends for over six years and met at a high school party. That whole story has traveled around quite a bit. She fell down the stairs and they met cute through that quirky little experience. They've been friends ever since and they started to do music almost an after-school hobby type thing, just the two of them. And Chris would pump out beats and Jahan would star singing random melodies over it. And they would record in the basement of his apartment in Chicago at the time.

How did you get involved?
Randomly one day they were recording, and they were trying to find a third member, cause they wanted to make a group. And so they asked me to participate. I was only 14 and I was super fan-girling at the time because I was in love with the music they were making at the time. "You guys want me to sing with you?" It was the coolest thing at the time 'cause I really looked up to my sister. It kind of fell together naturally like that and we've been making music ever since.

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