Please, Hold the "Criminal" Jokes: Fiona Apple Arrested in West Texas for Hash Possession

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Melissa Fossum
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So, songstress Fiona Apple played a set at Mesa Arts Center the other night. It was really very good, with Apple seeming quite happy in front of the crowd (bizarre rant about "small-titted girls" and her label aside).

But anyway, that's Tuesday night's Apple news. Here's today's: Apple has been arrested in Sierra Blanca, Texas, for hash possession.

See also: Fiona Apple @ Mesa Arts Center, 9/18/12

TMZ reports that cops turned up hash on Apple's bus, and that "It all went down in Sierra Blanca, TX -- where stars like Willie Nelson, Snoop Dogg and Armie Hammer have all been arrested for drugs in the past."

Fans in Texas, like our good friend Craig Hlavaty at Houston Press' Rocks Off blog, are wondering if her scheduled gig at Austin's ACL Live Live show tonight and at Houston's Bayou Music Center on Friday, September 21, are still scheduled. (No word yet, but we'll update when we know.)

Tuesday night's show was really good -- so we hope stuff gets sorted out. Bet the banter is really going to be something once Apple takes the stage.

See also: Fiona Apple @ Mesa Arts Center, 9/18/12

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Think how much space on websites could be saved if news stories were combined.  Such as:


"Fiona Apple releases iHash 5."

JD Stooks
JD Stooks

what kind of tour manager lets their main talent take the fall for drugs? It's rock n roll 101 that someone else holds the drugs...not the singer. Unless they arrested everyone, cause I'm pretty sure Snoop and Willie would be on the same boat.

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