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Digital Summer
Since 2006, local band Digital Summer has been garnering fans from all over the country, with a Facebook count of almost 50,000 fans. They have a distinguishable style of heavy, melodic guitars and raw vocals that not only comes off as radio-friendly, but also sets them apart from other local bands. Hell, the Phoenix New Times even featured the band on a cover in 2008, noting not only their locally loved tunage but also their insane work ethic.
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Case in point: This year Winterstein and one of the other members traveled on their own dime on tours all over the country not to perform, but to promote themselves to local radio stations and network with other artists and music professionals.

The band is fresh off releasing the new album Breaking Point, with the single "Forget You" listed as #6 this week on SiriusXM Octane Big Uns Countdown, just behind Three Days Grace, Stone Sour, In This Moment, Nonpoint, and Halestorm. The band is about to show visiting acts what a desert uprising is really about at Ashley Furniture HomeStore Pavilion.

Up On The Sun talked with vocalist Kyle Winterstein about why the band remains unsigned, loving the fans, and being on the Desert Uprising bill.

What band do you think puts on the best show on the bill? Or rather, what act impresses you the most?

That's a tough question. Some of these artists are radically different. Manson always has a certain captivating nature. Honestly though, what I love about this line-up overall is that every band taking the stage on both these days will simply bleed their music. Every performer will walk off stage dripping in sweat, physically and mentally exhausted. That is what rock music should be. I'm excited for all of it.

What sets you apart from other local bands on this bill?

What sets up apart is our fans. We opted to take the unbeaten path and do this completely on our own. No labels, no management, just us, our music and our fans. The irony in it all is that the fans have literally become our label in a sense. They have funded 100% of our touring and promotion for this album. They have shown us that what truly matters is the connection between and artist and the listeners who share that same love for their music. When we take the stage, we have one objective. It's our job to create that moment when a fan is lost in the music and sees that we are too. That moment when both the fans and ourselves know exactly why we do this. To create and share that moment of escape every music lover longs for. We don't have to worry about record contracts, legal obligations or management decisions... the only thing we have to worry about is our fans.

Where do you guys hope to be within the next year?

We hope to be an example. An example of exactly how much the music industry has changed. We hope to be the name that gets brought up when some wannbe rockstar bitches about having to actually work for success. Nothing worth having in this life comes easy. We want to show our fans that despite the current state of the music industry, the magic still exists somewhere between the songs, the show, the artist and the listener. We want people to look at Digital Summer and say, "Now that's how it should be. That's what rock music is all about."

With influences like Spineshank, do you think DS will ever take on a heavier approach in future albums?

Absolutely. Our scope of musicianship and influence just keeps expanding. We love heavy music and I have no doubts that the best is yet to come in that particular direction of the DS sound.

We couldn't be more excited to be back in our hometown and playing for the fans who launched our entire musical career! We are honored and humbled by the love of the AZ fans and the support of 98 KUPD, truly the greatest rock radio station we've ever known. I have a Phoenix tattooed on my arm for a reason.

Digital Summer is scheduled to perform at Desert Uprising Friday, September 28, at Ashley Furniture Homestore Pavilion.

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Great interview, and yeah, DS Army is really unique fan base. Exactly such as Digital Summer deserve! And as a part of it i can say that i feel happy that i can help my fave band. These guys works so hard, they're the excellent example of how other bands should do things! 

They should become a huge band and i believe they will be! They already have a fans all over the world, and DS army is really worldwide, but it's not prevent us to always stick together, to work together, and it's awesome, especially when you see that all that y'all do is works and people start to know about them. Digital Summer really appreciate every fan and all the help that we give them. 

Unfortunately i never seen them live, coz i live in Russia, but i know that someday i will. I only saw their live videos and i can say these guys rock! That's why i always say to my friends in US that they should to see them live, even if they plays in another state.. any money, time, etc. that they'll spend on travel to another state, all of this definitely will be worth it! 



This is the hardest working band in the business. Nice, diligent guys who actually give a damn about their fans. I mean, I've talked to a few bands on Twitter and Facebook, etc...but @digitalsummer remains the only band I talk to weekly, if not daily. I mean, just last week, I got a Skype guitar lesson from the lead guitarist. Not many bands out there that will just up and do that on a request. Seriously, these guys deserve so much more than they've gotten so far, but they always take what they get and make the best out of it.


Cannot even begin to explain how much I love this band. First heard them on Sirius, bought an album and soon after bought ALL their albums and traveled 3 hours to see them live. Fell in LOVE. These guys are just something different altogether. Fan for life!

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