Reubens Accomplice Returns With Sons of Men (Download)

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"When it first came into existence, it's like, 'What does emo mean?' It's Boys Life and Christie Front Drive. And there's nothing that pop about either of those bands, and we're fans of those bands. [But] slowly, it starts evolving and by the time it hits mainstream, 'emo' means Dashboard Confessional. And it's like, 'Oh well, we're not fans of that.' Not even in a negative way; I've met those guys and they're a bunch of nice guys, but it just started to change from what it was."

Davey von Bohlen, of fellow emo survivors The Promise Ring and Maritime sings on "I Love You, But I'm Tired, creating a direct line between Sons of Men and The Promise Ring's underrated swan song, Wood/Water, released in 2002. Reubens toured with the band then, and recalls the sharp divide the record, a turn away from the chiming guitar-pop sound -- "emo" to some critics -- into more muted, subdued pop terrain.

"I got my first Promise Ring 7" at Stinkweeds, you know?" Buffano says. "We got asked to do that tour with them and The Weakerthans, [and] it was a dream tour for us. But it was so bad for the Promise Ring. No one in the audience wanted to hear anything off Wood/Water. You could tell that that band was just at this point - they were just frustrated with so many things."

But 2012 is a better time for records like Wood/Water and Sons of Men. Not that Bufano is willing to bet the farm: "I'm always dead wrong. The record I think is 'eh' becomes the smash hit single, and the record I'm like 'Oh man, this record is going to cement them as a legit, big thing' no one ever hears it."

It's unlikely that the record will go unheard. The band is gearing up for a massive party at Crescent Ballroom ("A 'home-base' for local music," Bufano says), which will find the group joined by Sam Means of The Format, Patrick Carrie of Limbeck, and Jamal Ruhe, and a short tour with gigs in Hollywood and Pomona, California. Bufano would love to take the band to Europe, where its popularity trumps that in the States. "You know how people says, 'We're big in Turkey,' or whatever? I totally get that," he laughs. "You know, it happens. They put 'from America' on fliers over there, and people get excited."

Sons of Men might inspire that same excitement in America, especially in Phoenix. The results feel immediate and direct, and, most tellingly, Bufano says that living with the record has stayed surprisingly pleasant, even given its extended gestation period.

"I know that we're proud of it, I know that we like it," he laughs. "Usually, if you live with something too long you start to hate it."

Download: Reubens Accomplice, "I'm Leaving"
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Reubens Accomplice is scheduled to perform Friday, August 10, at Crescent Ballroom.

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