In Honor of Pussy Riot: Five of the Greatest Punk Protest Songs

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Even faced with seven years in prison for a political stunt pulled in the Russian Orthodox Church, feminist punks Pussy Riot shouldn't feel alone. The riot grrls' plea for the Virgin Mary to expel Vladimir Putin from the Kremlin has gained global support from musicians as varied as Madonna, Paul McCartney, Franz Ferdinand, Sting, and many others.

To show our solidarity with the balaclava-clad Russians, here are five great punk protest songs.

5. Propaghandi -- "Today's Empires, Tomorrow's Ashes."

Like a fish monger that turns rotten fish into cat food, Propaghandi realize all things change. Maybe Pussy Riot will get paroled or the Russian empire will disintegrate in the aftermath of World War III. Anyway, freedom always prevails, so hang in there, guys!

4. Authority Zero -- "Revolution"

Everyone's favorite Mesa punks nicely summed up the situation for dealing with police states: "You want a revolution? You've got to make a difference on your own. You want a revolution? Stand up, stand out and make it known." Pussy Riot have that part covered and while sitting in a jail cell isn't fun, it's sometimes the first step to change.

3. Dead Kennedys -- "Bleed For Me"

While technically about the CIA, the Dead Kennedy's horrific descriptions of being thrown in a dark room, having electrical shocks sent through your genitals and laying face down in a pool of piss could easily apply to Putin's army of secret police. Actually, it could also apply to Sheriff Joe's Gestapo-like operation right here.

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lol at the notion of Authority Zero having a top 5 song in any punk capacity.


You guys are funny.

Alex Andor
Alex Andor

as if to make my point. comes new times out of thin air.

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