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Melissa Fossum
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Nicki Minaj Comerica Theatre Tuesday, August 7, 2012

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When I saw Nicki Minaj open for Britney Spears last year, I was majorly disappointed by her performance and implored her to bring her A-game to her headlining tour. Then, her vocals were inaudible, and her stage setup and storyline bizarre. Thankfully, on her current tour, on which she's the main act, she commanded the stage with confidence and strong vocal talent, a huge turnaround from opening up for Spears.

As with Katy Perry's explosion of color on her last tour, Minaj took her love for the color pink literally, injecting the bright hue into everything from her shoes and outfits to the lighting and stage set. Her tour, after all, was the Pink Friday Tour, named after her debut album, and it was a lot of fun to watch and listen to. While she did use a backing track, her singing and rapping skills were impressive, considering how her high-energy show had her running all over the stage.

Melissa Fossum
Nicki Minaj
It was nice to see the kind of pageantry in Minaj's show lacking in Kelly Clarkson's show just last week. She had costume changes and donned wigs ranging from platinum blond curls to straight dark hair, and was joined by a half-dozen dancers and a DJ in front of a colorful set that changed colors and graphics along with the music.

My favorite part was when the screens displayed Minaj's music video for "Super Bass" right at the end of the show, but the rest of the night had a simple, yet overwhelmingly colorful, display.

Not that it wasn't was sort of weird to watch something so fun and bouncy on-stage while listening to expletive-filled songs that Minaj often asked the crowd to help her sing -- even the 5-year-old kid in the audience got to watch suggestive dancing by the half-naked troupe, got to rap a myriad of F-bombs and got to join in when Minaj sang about a girl being a ho'.

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Maura DeBartoli
Maura DeBartoli

Nicki your reASSessment of the show is right. on. (sorry i had to!)

Nicki Escudero
Nicki Escudero

I love that you pulled that quote out. It pretty much sums up the show.

Jeff Ramon
Jeff Ramon

She's probably F'd all of Arizona too. Stupid ho.

Timmy DertySecksy
Timmy DertySecksy

I didn't go to the show, but here is my review: Nicki Minaj performed, it was terrible as expected.


Great article, well written and insightful!  I hate to sound like a fuddy-duddy but  I agree that though Nicki Menaj is talented and quite entertaining the memes she propagates are inappropriate for school age children.  Sign of the times though because such  messages are pervasive in our contemporary society.  As the father of a seven year old girl and a nine year old boy I have to confront these issues head on way more often than I would like.   But thats my Job.  I hope the younger generation of parents that have grown up under the influence of this explicitly promiscuous culture are up to the task.  

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