Maneone on Blowing Up Piñatas, Gigs at Retail Stores, and Discovering Dookie in the DJ Booth

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Manuel "Mane One" Camacho
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Having performed for less than five years, Manuel Camacho is a relative newcomer to the DJ world. But that doesn't he's any less talented that any of the more experienced turntablists, platter jocks, or knob-twisters in the Valley scene.

The 24-year-old, who performs as Maneone, has spent the last half-decade building up his DJing chops at such venues as Bar Smith, Hidden House, and the Yucca Tap Room, which have made his already potent skills as a mixmaster and selector that much better.

Every Tuesday, you can find Mane One rocking the decks at Lost Leaf as a part of the relatively new hip-hop night The Rewind along with three of his contemporaries.

Occasionally, he's also known to spin at high-end retailers as H&M and G by Guess. While he doesn't get much in the way of perks or presents from said gigs, an unknown DJ once left him a, gift in the downstairs booth at Bar Smith one night. Camacho discusses these topics and plenty more in this week's edition of DJ Dossier.

Name: Manuel Camacho

AKA: Maneone

Current gigs: The Rewind at Lost Leaf on Tuesdays. Wednesdays I'm playing downstairs at Bar Smith. I've also been spinning at Solstice Saturdays for the past four years. And when the football season starts, I'll be at The Firehouse in Scottsdale.

Preferred genres: I specialize in hip-hop, new and old, and old school disco, funk, and soul.

How did you get into the DJ game?
I lived with my uncle who was a DJ and his turntables were always set up. So I would just practiced at home. I first started working in the industry as a barback at Bar Smith when I was 19. So that makes it five years because I would just watch all the DJs that would be there [and] then practice at home the following day. I'm still considered new to the game, but I can hang with the OG's.

Describe your DJ style?
It's an open format style...I like to mix a little of everything together. I like playing music that I would like to hear. There are those certain songs that you know work really well but have been played out. I like to find a way to play them in a way where it's different, but not too different to where the crowd doesn't recognize it.

Who's been a mentor to you?
There are multiple DJs that I've learned from. Basically anyone that I've worked with has influenced me somehow.

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Bar Smith

130 E. Washington St., Phoenix, AZ

Category: Music

Firehouse - CLOSED

4312 N. Brown Ave., Scottsdale, AZ

Category: Music

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