Logan "Element" Howard on Traveling the World, His New Summer Mix, Meeting Sheila E, and Whether He's Returning to The Blunt Club

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What's your favorite track of the moment?
I'm feeling the new Nas album Life is Good. The song "Nasty" is my is my fave.

Have you stepped away from weekly club gigs?
If I do guest spots on Thursday, my boy DJ M2 has me at his night Groove Candy at The Roxy in Scottsdale. I love that place.

Will you ever return to The Blunt Club?
No comment.

Erp. That sucks. Is there any drama afoot?
No comment. I'll just leave it at that.

Are there any other local gigs you have coming up?
Yeah. The Boom Boom Room at Hidden House [tonight]. That's a monthly I started with my cousins (K.Supreme, Emgee, Iron Giant, and Reflekshin). We've been doing [it] since 2007.

Are they native as well?
Yeah were all from Salt River Indian Reservation.

The Boom Boom Room with DJ Element, K.Supreme, Iron Giant, DJ Whoa, and Reflekshin takes place at 9 p.m. tonight at Hidden House. Admission is $5 after 11 p.m.

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Blues Alley Hidden House

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