Lamb of God's Randy Blythe Set Free; Five Finger Death Punch Weighs In

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Lamb of God
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On August 7, Lamb of God's Randy Blythe was allowed to leave a Czech prison after posting $400,000 bail.

Of course, the band already had scrapped its upcoming tour dates (including a September date in Phoenix), but management has said that it will be pushed back only a couple of months. A show that Lamb of God is still committed to, however, is the first-ever KNOTFEST, a two-date metal and hard rock festival created by Slipknot.

On June 27, Blythe was detained after being arrested and charged with manslaughter stemming from the 2010 death of a fan.

He was held without bail for fear that he would leave the country and never return, making music fans and fellow musicians all over the world wonder when, or if, he would actually be released.

Five Finger Death Punch
For example, in a recent interview with Jason Hook from Five Finger Death Punch (scheduled to appear in Phoenix at Comerica Theatre on Sunday, August 26) I asked him if the music industry is nervous that Blythe may be convicted of the crime. Lamb of God and Five Finger Death Punch toured together last year. Hook replied:

"I think the industry is nervous. The whole situation seems sketchy . . . I mean, they doubled his bail, which is an indication that they are kind of making up the rules as they go. And there's new evidence that came out, which is more than just the initial video that might spin it against him? I don't' know, it's a scary thing. But it's a potential six- to 10-year sentence. But all I can tell you is that my toes, my fingers, and both earlobes are crossed that he gets out of this, free and clear."

Luckily, that's the case. But the ramifications of the lasting impact on American metal's relationship with eastern Europe remain to be seen.

Read on for Randy Blythe's statement after being released from the Czech prison:

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