Kanye West Brags About (and Hangs Out With) Kim Kardashian In New Video

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If you've had "Mercy" on repeat for the past couple of months, you'll be pleased to know that Kanye West and Rick Ross appear in the double-video/double-single, "I Wish You Would"/"Cold." Hype Williams combined both of these songs in a long, shaky, headache-inducing music video that you can watch after the jump. But as good as Ross and Khaled's performances are, chances are the cameo most exciting to pop fans is the barely noticeable one from 'Ye's "Perfect Bitch," Kim Kardashian.

Kanye West's "Cold" single
The black and white video finds Yeezy, Ross, and Khaled hanging out in a narrow tunnel. It's two songs in one video, which means it's loooooonnng, and it's shaky as hell, so if The Blair Witch Project and Cloverfield made you woozy, just push play and minimize the window. You won't miss much; it just looks like the trio has to deal with passing subways or a non-stop earthquake.

This is particularly weird coming from Hype Williams, who's also responsible for powerful videos like "Empire State of Mind." He did Ye's "All of the Lights,", too, which is a little dizzying, but at least it's watchable. (I guess they can't all be "Getting Jiggy With it.")

"I Wish You Would" will be available on Kiss the Ring, DJ Khaled's new album due out August 21.

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