Identity Festival 2012: 15 Funky Fresh GIFs

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Melissa Fossum
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Identity Festival brought a full day's worth of EDM talent to Ashley Furniture Homestore Pavilion on Sunday, August 19. As cool as it was to hear Eric Prydz to play an extended sample of M83's "Midnight City," it was even more fun to spend the day people watching. A picture says a thousand words, but it only gives you so much perspective. With that, I made 15 GIFs of some of the most interesting festival goers. Check them out after the jump.

When California's Wham-O toy company released the hula hoop in the late '50s, it knew that one day, after decades of come-and-go popularity, it would eventually find a home around the waist of dancing queens. Thank you, Wham-O. Thank you.

It's hard to pull off a sleeveless denim vest. It's even harder to pull off Rainbow Brite hair. Bravo, young lady!

Subaru product placement most certainly not intended.

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Ak-Chin Pavilion

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