Conor Oberst Releases "MariKKKopa" by Desaparecidos, a Song About Sheriff Joe

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Though he's mostly known for cranking out creaky, warbling folk under his own name and nom de folk Bright Eyes, Conor Oberst has signed off on one pretty significant slice of creaky, warbling indie rock too: 2002's Read Music/Speak Spanish by Omaha-based punks Desaparecidos.

Oberst reunited the band this year after ten years of inactivity for a string of dates including Los Angeles' FYF Fest, and has released new music available for download on Thursday, August 2: the music industry skewering "Bakesale" and the Sheriff Joe Arpaio skewering "MariKKKopa."

No stranger to speaking about Arizona politics -- he was a key member of the Sound Strike, which has kinda-sorta-mostly ended its commercial boycott of Arizona -- Oberst chatted with the Huffington Post about "MariKKKopa."

"Joe Arpaio needs no help from me getting attention. For years he has been a beacon of bigotry and intolerance for all the world to see. The list of human and civil-rights abuses he's committed in Maricopa County is long and well documented. His many "crime suppression sweeps" are some of the most egregious affronts to American values and human dignity perpetrated in this century. What he does need is to be called out at every opportunity as the criminal that he is. There are many ways of doing that. The federal government's current law suit against him being one of them. I used the best means at my disposal to do it: a punk rock song.

Like The Haymarket Square's recent anti-Arpaio video, the song incorporates a sample of Joe's infamous "KKK/honor" line.

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who cares.... connor oberst sucks. he also alienated/ punished his fans for living in a conservative state.... not to mention the majority of his fans cant even vote to try and change things. FUCK OBERST.


@mgg3 probally the same people who hate joe. so i do care. so in other words, FUCK YOU aND YOURS

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