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Photos by Benjamin Leatherman
DJ Noiz.Fkr (left) and a lady friend outside of Sanctum on Saturday, August 18. See the rest of the photos from this week's Club Candids slideshow.
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The cathedral-like interior of Sanctum is a vibrant and color-filled milieu. There's a nonstop glow of red, blue, and green within the Gothic-style dancing and drinking parlor, thanks to the high-tech spotlights and lasers beaming every which way.

It's almost as colorful as the club's unique array of patrons, particularly the lively bunch that gathered inside Sanctum on Saturday, August 19, for the latest edition of Doom Disco.

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After stepping through the tall oak doors of the eerie establishment, we were greeted by a hubbub of activity as the freaks and geeks scurried about or pranced about the dance floor. A few gender-bending members of the Arizona chapter of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence (a nationwide LGBTQ organization of campy drag aficionados) were in the house adorned white face paint and over-the-top outfits.

club candids doom disco three.JPG
Funky and punky types were also about, whether it was the dreadlocked dude wearing a vintage shirt for The Shitlickers (a little-known and short-lived Swedish gutter punk act from the early 1980s) or gals in corsets, fishnet, and spiked collars.

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As such fetish wear, as well as the name of the weekly party, implies, the music of Doom Disco tends towards dark and harsh tunes of the Goth and retro variety, but also includes alt-rock throwbacks and present indie faves.

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