Captain Squeegee and Friends Are Going to Save the World

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How much cash would you shell out if it meant saving the world from its impending doom? Twelve bucks? How about $10? In case you haven't noticed, there are only 120 days left in the Mayan calendar year so you better start thinking about it.

In the meantime, quirky metaphysical horn-rockers Captain Squeegee, along with friends The Veragroove, Inept Hero, Instructions, Clairevoyant, and Terragaia, are launching a preemptive effort to do what no band has done before -- gather enough psychic energy to save the planet through song, dance, and retro-psychic kinesis.

And we're off!

"It's obvious now that in the Phoenix scene, there are just killer bands ... so the six of us are coming together basically to have this zany, awesome out-of-this world performance that Phoenix doesn't usually get to see," says Squeegee frontman Danny Torgersen. "The whole point is really just to have a cacophony of local bands coming together for a themed, epic, local, huge show."

The event, billed as "2012: Phoenix Saves The World," is scheduled for Saturday, August 25, at the Marquee Theatre and will feature some experimental interactive media, mind-altering graphic projections, and even a pendulum that the audience can control with their mind according to Torgersen. And if that's not enough to get you jazzed about planet saving, the six bands will also be coming together like Voltron to form one super band for a special performance of R.E.M.'s "It's the End of the World as We Know It."

"We just want to try stuff that just doesn't get tried," Torgersen says. "We're in this new technological age -- that may destroy us -- but as long as we're doing that stuff we're going to try and integrate it."

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Marquee Theatre

730 N. Mill Ave., Tempe, AZ

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