311's Doug "SA" Martinez Discusses the Band's Fans

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Musical cruises are an emerging trend. You guys did on last year. Can you tell me what the best part of it was?

Well, it really was an incredible experience. You know, people that just have a great love of music and life, also seem to happen to enjoy 311. It's a lot of like-minded individuals that get together, hang out, make life-long friends. The community that has sprung up around 311 is so beautiful. I mean, you hear so many stories. The other night we were in Chicago for a meet-and-greet, and this couple came up, and they had met at a 311 show. The guy was like, "Thank you for my wife, and my life!" And you know, it was so touching, and that happens like all the time! [Laughs.] Constantly! And that's the great thing about what we do, I guess. We're in the happy-people-making business. And there's something special about that. And the cruise is a culmination of that energy. [It was] nothing but love.

In the early '90s you guys were seen as so adventurous because you helped spur the rock/rap thing. What are your thoughts about the influence of EDM and dubstep on current rhythmic rap/rock?

About dubstep? [Pauses.] I think that bands and musicians, they will latch onto or adopt or be inspired by something that is new to the ear. People making new music is always great though. You know, you can never have enough new music. Whatever is inspiring to people that makes them what to create you can't say anything bad about that. Um, I can't say that we're going to have anything like that, as far as dubstep in our music, but who knows, you know?

Of course.

So, lately, I've really been listening to a lot of older salsa, blues, and some crazy Latin, early 70's New York sort of music scene. Not to say that that is going to have anything to do with 311 thought! [Laughs.]

You never know!

Yes, you do never know! But you know, music is just a great, never-ending, giving creation that we all love.

What does that future hold for 311 right now? More touring for now? Any side projects?

Working on the new record eventually. And just, keeping the fans engaged. This is our livelihood, you know? So it's important that our fan base is excited about what we're up to. But I think that uh, it's a profession that runs so deep. And I think fans have a lot of patience with us. I mean, our fans. I can't say, like, rock fans in general, but I know 311 fans are very loving people. They've given us everything. We owe them everything.

311 is scheduled to perform Tuesday, August 28, at Mesa Amphitheater.

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