Zach Booher of Pop-Punk Band While We're Up Killed in Car Accident

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Zach Booher and Steven Rouk
Zach Booher, 22, of Tempe pop-punk band While We're Up was killed in a car accident the morning of Sunday, July 8.

The band was touring as part of the Vans Warped Tour. The accident occurred in Wisconsin, while the band was en route to Shakopee, Minnesota.

A post on the band's Facebook profile reads:

Yesterday morning as the band was driving from Chicago to Shakopee, MN, the rear right wheel of the car exploded, causing the car to lose control immediately and begin rolling on the highway. Steven and Trevor were airlifted to nearby hospitals where they have spent yesterday and today recovering--Zach Booher was killed immediately.

No one can speak in words the tragedy of losing Zach. He was not only an amazing musician in While We're Up, but he was also an irreplaceable friend to countless numbers of people. Hundreds have done so already, but if you have any memories of Zach you would like to share please feel free to do that here or on his personal Facebook page wall.

All of our thoughts go out to the Booher family, as they endure one of the greatest losses of their lives.

We love you Zach.

According to a report from news station WQOW, in Eu Claire, Wisconsin, and a press release from the Wisconsin State Patrol, Booher was pronounced dead at the scene, all passengers were wearing seat belts, and alcohol was not believed to be a factor in the accident.

Booher's bandmates, Steven Rouk and Trevor McCoy, were taken to a nearby hospital and are reportedly recovering.

Booher directed the video for the band's single, "Someday," found on its 2011 debut, Every Moment.

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My heart goes out to his family and dear friends I have a son 19 and a daughter 24 who have enjoyed the warped tour in Shakopee  Mn. in the past and I know this will touch many! Sorry for your loss!


Mod Sun made this known and  sent around a box collecting money for zachs family 


This was one of my bestfriends... I really wish it wouldn't have been him.

Sarah Stancik
Sarah Stancik

It's just so crazy..I was in tinley park at warped tour an saw them. I gave them the last of my money because I wanted their CD. They were so talented. Been listening all day. They were so crazy and adorable that I have to say they really were my favorite part of warped tour. It really upsets me. And I'm so sorry to the family and friends and I hope Steven and Trevor recover soon

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