YUS Paints a Cinematic Picture With "Girls"

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Gordon Cowie
A scene from YUS' "Girls"
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Local one-man band/synth wizard Youceff Kabal, better known as YUS, has a strong dedication to musical aesthetic. Packed with electronic blips and bloops, the electronic sounds nonetheless teem with soul.

Teaming up with director Gordon Cowie for the "Girls" music video, YUS pairs that musical aesthetic with a visual one.

"'Girls'" live is very different," Kabal explains. "I'm playing guitar, and the drums are different. It's one of my favorite jams, even if it's been over two years since I wrote it."

The song acts a perfect gateway to his sound, and makes perfect sense as a catchy cinematic single.

Gordon Cowie
Check out that shot composition.
Up on the Sun: How did YUS team up with Above the Radio?

Gordon Cowie: The owner at Above the Radio, Trevor Martin, is a good friend of mine and when he heard I was willing to give a free music video away to get my feet wet, he called me immediately. We talked it over for a week and decided that running a free video contest would benefit both parties. We are now running a second free music video contest right now so check out above.fm and submit your music as well have your friends submit.

Youceff Kabal:
Above The Radio posted on the YUS [FaceBook wall] telling me that I should submit my songs to their contest. It seemed legit, no stupid "one with the most votes wins" set up, so I entered "Girls" and "Choice." I was later told that Gordon, the director, was the one who chose my song out of all of them. I gotta commend him for his good taste.

GC: I had listened to 50 different bands and had my choices narrowed down to three different groups. YUS, was the last submission and right when I heard his track, I knew he was the winner of the contest. It was a song that stuck in my head.

UOTS: What inspired the song?

YC: The song is just me going to college for the first time in 2009 and being star-struck at how many pretty girls there were on campus. I went to Metropolitan Arts Institute, where there was under 300 students in the entire school, so it was pretty moving. There was this really, really pretty girl this one time, and I never managed to get her name, and I never saw her again, so I was just like "Man, I wonder if she saw me too". Probably not [laughs]. The song kinda sounds like "One" by Vampire Weekend, but I tried to copy LCD Soundsystem for the production aspect of things. Obviously, I failed completely. [Laughs].

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