Tim and Willy Let Go From KMLE; Danny Zelisko Presents Dropped By KDKB

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Tim and Willy
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It's been a strange week in Valley radio: On Sunday, July 22, KDKB-FM (93.3) personality and local concert promoter Danny Zelisko announced that his program, The Danny Zelisko Presents radio program (also known as the Regular Guy Radio Program) was being dropped by the station, and on Wednesday, July 26, country morning duo Tim Hattrick and Willy D. Loon -- better known as Tim and Willy -- gave word that their show has been dropped by KMLE-FM (107.9)

The country duo posted the following message on their official Facebook page:

Today was our last show on KMLE Country 108. It's been a great ride! Be sure to "Like"Tim and Willy on Facebook and follow us @timandwillyshow to find out where we'll be soon!

In an interview with AZ Central, Hattrick indicates that the management at KMLE will be "emphasizing music over personalities."

It could be a mere coincidence that former KMLE morning show host Dave Pratt (who parted ways with My 103.9 in June) posted a cryptic message ("QUESTION OF THE DAY: What radio station just offered us their morning show? LOL.") on his Facebook page today, or it could indicate that the station is looking toward trying out Pratt again. Tim and Willy took over the morning show from Pratt in 1998, as well as working at the station from 1993-1996.

Danny Zelisko Presents
Zelisko's program has aired on Sunday nights since 2006. A rare example of a freeform format, Zelisko played AOR rock from '60s, '70s, and '80s, as well as contemporary artists like Foster the People, The Decemberists, The Shins, Mumford and Sons, Regina Spektor, Black Keys, and Alabama Shakes.

In an email circulated to the press, Zelisko informs that the show last show aired on Sunday, July 22:

The premise of the show is to play all forms of music, new and old, with sonic excellence being the only criteria. I sometimes feature the music of concert acts I bring to town, (my day job for the last four decades), along with interviews by some of the artists, and friends in show business that I have made over the years. This insured topical and current exposure for their concerts, regardless of genre, which made them part of the format as their concert date approached.
Zelisko continues:
In lieu of not being able to say "so long for now" properly, over the air, I bid you adieu, for now, as this chapter ends, and other new ones begin.
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Tim and Willy just re-upped their contracts this year, so the timing is strange. But if it's performance or money, why would they go for Pratt? Maybe because -- brace yourself --they didn't actually call him. And they won't call him. He has this habit of lying about everything imaginable -- KLOS was going to pay him $1 million a year in the 1980s; Dick Clark wanted him to take over American Bandstand; last fall he said there were rumors about KTAR wanting to hire him; yesterday he said a promoter approached him about a reunion show with his old band. None of it's true. He's just makes stuff up so it seems like he's somehow relevant.


The real truth is, the guy tanked none so delicately at 103.9, giving the station worse ratings at any point than they had with Hammer in his last month of the X format. His high point when it was "My 1039" was 24th. He can't deliver an audience now, which is why he had to buy a bunch of studio gear and make his own show on the internet. He also paraded his distaste for radio, CBS, and KMLE all over the place for the past few months, so he'd be a giant hypocrite if he took the gig (which wouldn't be the first time). But we won't need to worry about that because they didn't call him. And they won't.

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