Summerland Tour at Comerica Theatre, 7/3/12

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Maria Vassett
Sugar Ray performing at Comerica Theatre. See more photos in our Summerland slideshow.
Summerland Tour Featuring Everclear, Sugar Ray, Gin Blossoms, Marcy Playground, and Lit
Tuesday, July 3, 2012
Comerica Theatre

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The dream of the '90s is alive in Phoenix (kinda).

There may not have been any Beanie Babies, pagers, or butterfly clips (though there were some overalls), but the line up of Everclear, Sugar Ray, The Gin Blossoms, Lit, and Marcy Playground made for some prime '90s nostalgia. The night could have easily been summed up with "Sex and Candy," "My Own Worst Enemy," "Hey Jealousy," "Fly," and "Santa Monica," but the bands played plenty more alternative rock hits with a few new songs peppered in.

Sugar Ray's Mark McGrath acted as the unofficial host for the evening, first making an appearance by introducing Marcy Playground and complimenting the small audience on being the "best people in rock 'n roll" because they arrived early to see the opening band. Marcy Playground's self-titled album is pretty cool, I can also hear a little Stephen Malkmus in there, but that influence is almost completely lost on their later material. The trio opened with the first track from its self-titled record, "Poppies," which had that vibe, as well as "Sex and Candy" (of course), but the rest sounded like a mediocre version of The Toadies.

Maria Vassett
Lit followed Marcy Playground's lead by opening with "Four," the first song from the group's most successful album, A Place in the Sun. As A. Jay Popoff was singing about fighting and sleeping with his girlfriend, he used instrumental breaks to take swigs of Jagermeister and spit it in the air. Lit was one of the most entertaining band to watch, as Popoff never stood still and the guitarists made full use of the stage by running around like crazy. I'm pretty sure most of Popoff's Jager went to waste, but it looked cool, and that's all that matters. Half of Lit's set was comprised of what the audience wanted to hear- tracks from A Place in the Sun, Remarkably, a few fans were singing along to the band's new song, "The Broken." Popoff introduced "Last Time Again" as a song from the American Pie 2 soundtrack, and the context was surprisingly helpful.

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Comerica Theatre

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Wish I could've made it!!!! Sounds like a good time - yes, I am stuck in the 90's! :P

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