You Ready for the State Fair? A Guide to the Veteran's Memorial Coliseum Schedule

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Jane's Addiction
See also: Snoop Dogg at the Arizona State Fair
See also: Judas Priest at the Arizona State Fair

It used to be that playing the state fair circuit meant you were a has-been, that your rock 'n' roll career had gone belly up (you know, like billed after the puppet show, Spinal Tap-style).

Maybe it's still like that most places, but the Arizona State Fair always manages to corral a decent-to-great lineup. Remember past years, when the Fair hosted Snoop-freaking-Dogg and Judas-freaking-Priest?

Acts headed to Veteran's Memorial Coliseum (which has got the most Almost Famous-like vibe of any venue in the Valley) in 2012 look to uphold the standards of previous years.

There's a little something for everyone, including American Idol rocker Adam Lambert (remember how much his fans hated us for suggesting he didn't make a good fit with Queen?), country superstar Billy Currington, on-the-rise pop duo Karmin, metal-gone-dubstep rockers Korn, and alt-rockers Sublime (with Rome), Weezer, and Jane's Addiction.

Here's a closer look at the lineup.

Bill Currington
Billy Currington: Saturday, October 13 @ Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum

Currington's easy-going everyman appeal has earned him a CMT Award for "Hottest Video of the Year" and a couple Grammy nominations.

His song "Like My Dog" is an ambling, tongue-in-cheek (we're hoping) plea for his baby to "love him like his dog." (He gets a pretty bitter line in about calling his lady's sister a bitch, but who's going to fault the guy for going after a lazy canine pun?)

Something tells me the ladies find him hunky, too, what with those muscles, tousled hair, and piercing eyes.

Weezer: Sunday, October 14 @ Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum at the Arizona State Fair

I'm not going to say I haven't had my problems with the progression of The Weez (see my Pinkerton-level whiney 2010 screed "Weezer's Rivers Cuomo Gave the People What They Wanted -- But He Betrayed Me"), but 2010's Hurley did feature some pleasing pop gems, especially "Ruling Me," co-written by under-appreciated pop genius Dan Wilson (of Semisonic).

I've come around in my old age: I think that the strength of "Say it Ain't So" is enough to outweigh the stank of a couple dozen "Beverly Hills."

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Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum at the Arizona State Fair

1826 W. McDowell Road, Phoenix, AZ

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Shelly Brown
Shelly Brown

David N!!  It looks like you have moobs in this pic and I know you don't!!!!


sorry dude attraction is not predicated on it being reciprocal I think Johnny Depp is hot and Im pretty sure he doesnt feel the same way about me but no matter.  Adam is hot and sexy to me and a LOT of women, talented, good looking, smart funny, and true to himself, what is not to like? 


I'm so happy to hear Adam is returning to the Valley! He's a phenomenal amazing vocalist and an extraordinary showman. A rare gem in this day and age where  autotune is the norm. Honestly, if you've never seen/heard him perform live and you claim to be less than impressed...please head on down to his show with an open mind. Adam gives every one of his performances 110% and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at what a terrific show he puts on :)  


 I just threw up a little in my mouth after reading that.


You are joking right? Anyone who suggest that Adam Lambert does not appeal to women must live in a vacuum. Sexy is sexy, no matter what Adam's orientation is, he is loaded with sex appeal. No one can fill out a pair of tight leather pants better than Adam Lambert. Broad shoulders, chiseled jaw, flashing Tahitian blue eyes, his looks are irresistible and he has moves that make Elvis seem sexually repressed. He is also highly intelligent and charming. It is all about fantasy. No one is going home with Brad Pitt either.


 Sorry but you are wrong about Lambert.  Sex appeal????  Not for the women.  Talent, yes as long as he sticks with the vocals and not the screaming. 


I feel the same way about your comment. Narrow minded people disgust me.

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