Isaiah Toothtaker Talks New Record Sea Punk Funk (Free Download)

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'Sea Punk Cholo Blah Blah Blah!"
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If you utter his real name and snitch to police, Isaiah Toothtaker will likely torture and kill you. He'll probably use a hammer or some weird rusty mace on your face. If you insult him on Tumblr he might just name his next album after your taunts.

At least that's the story behind Sea Punk Funk, his latest album released today by Anticon and produced entirely by Sixtoo A.K.A. Prison Garde.

"I can't believe this sea punk cholo blah, blah, blah," Toothtaker recalls one Tumblr blogger writing after Toothy Wavy, his collaborative EP with Max B and The Hood Internet, garnered attention in the blogosphere. "And I was like you know what man, that shit is hella tight. I'm gonna ride with that. I got amped on it. Sea punk cholo is what's up."

Toothtaker had just finished tattooing a huge snake on a patron in his Tucson tattoo parlor Staring Without Caring when the Phoenix New Times caught up with him for a phone interview.

He's tattooed everywhere, his head is shaved and his race is a bit ambiguous -- so he's often mislabeled a white rapper or "Cholo." Or, in certain corners of the Internet, a Sea Punk.

WTF is a Sea Punk? The Internet meme, apparently coined by music video director and Twitter demigod Lil Internet, is used to describe trippy aquatic visuals made with '90s Internet graphics and chicks with blue hair. Basically. (If some 16-year-old raver girl form Buckeye with sea foam streaks and butterfly wings corrects me in the comments, I won't be upset.)

Toothtaker's music and his flow is hard to corner so it's easy to imagine people trying to put a label on it.

"Someone calls me 'hate rap,' someone says I'm underground, someone wants to say I'm weird skinhead goth fucking gangster rap, some call us 'death rap,' they call us all sorts of shit, you know. I don't give a fuck about none of that," he says.

It's not the first time Toothtaker has taken cues from the Internet. Last year he and Wavves drummer Jacob Safari (also of Tucson) flipped Antoine Dodson's "Bed Intruder Song," into an open letter to snitches.

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