Five Interesting String Instruments Found Around Town

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Mabel Suen
(Clockwise from top left): A Persian oud ($300), an uber-patriotic Wayne Kramer signature strat ($800), a Dean VCO ($269), a Japanese koto ($800), and Pakistani made mini-harps ($30-60). All items from Music Brokers except for Dean guitar from Bizarre Guitar & Drum.

Sure, strings create intriguing sounds, but sometimes simply the sight of them are enough to induce awe.

After coming across an out-of-place full-sized zither that looked like it belonged at the Musical Instrument Museum instead of the thrift store it landed in, we couldn't help but wonder what other treasures were hanging around town. After taking a quick look, and here's what we found.

Mabel Suen
A ukelele from Music Brokers.
5. A vintage Martin ukelele from the 1920s ($1200).

Perhaps it's the semi-recent fad of YouTube darlings like Zooey Deschanel sporting these cute little stringed things, but according to the clerks at Music Brokers (420 North Central Avenue; 602-230-7777), ukeleles have been selling like crazy lately.

We can't guarantee that you'll suddenly go over a friggin' rainbow with magical, charismatic crooning skills after dropping the massive dime on this little beauty, but the tone and looks alone will certainly gain you plenty of hipster points in our book.

'Cuz we're keeping count.

Watch out.

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Bizarre Guitar & Drum

4322 N. 7th Ave., Phoenix, AZ

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Musical Instrument Museum

4725 E. Mayo Blvd., Phoenix, AZ

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