El Komander, Celebrity Theatre, 7/21/12

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Photo by Anthony Sandoval
El Komander
Celebrity Theatre
Saturday, July 21, 2012

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I would have really liked to chat with popular Mexican corridista El Komander before his show at the Celebrity Theatre. I wasn't able to make it happen, but after last night's powerful performance I think I have an idea of how it would have gone down if I had.

While narcocorridos, or drug ballads are his forte, Komander, or Alfredo Rios, also draws on less complicated topics: beer, tequila, chicks or morritas, hangovers and just all-out fun. For the most part, the beat is the same accordion-based, polka-infused norteño folk you can hear just by hitting scan on your radio dial, but Rios' energy, charisma, and showmanship are really a sight to behold in any language.

Had an interview transpired, I probably would have skipped a coffee shop setting and invited him to meet me at La Condesa for some of the best horchata ever made, or better yet Barrio Café -- to sample some of the tequila bar. I imagine he would have walked in dressed in some slick shirt, shades and boots and the conversation would have unfolded like this:

"Komander?" I would have asked.

"My name is Alfredo Rios, and I party," he would have replied.

"I'm Anthony Sandoval and I, too, party," I would have said.

Then I imagine he would have tilted his sunglasses down, flashed a smile and responded with: "I know for a fact you don't party."

Anthony Sandoval
How could I have possibly surmised this conversation after watching this man perform for barely over an hour? Well, because, this guy's event felt more like a rocking party than a stuffy concert.

I have to admit I was still riding high from my Dark Knight Rises fix from earlier in the day, and wasn't particularly looking forward to the show; especially when it took forever for Rios to take the stage.

Local banda group, Mi Lindo Mazatlan had kept the crowd entertained early in the night with their 15-piece ensemble, but quickly shuffled off stage once El Komander seemingly arrived to the venue.

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Celebrity Theatre

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