Danny Marianino Punched Glenn Danzig, Wrote a Book About the Fallout

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Benjamin Lozovsky
Danzig performing live at Hammerstein Ballroom.
Here's an idea of what is to come:

"I've never heard of North Side Kings, I thought the guy would be some emo pussy hipster.. not a fucking wrestler."
"North Side Quiefs did virtually nothing after this, way to suck a bag of musical dicks, Danzig is still Danzig on the other hand and he can fuck any goth metal bitch literally anytime of the day, North Side Quiefs are still beating off to early 90's penthouse heirlooms."
"hold on, on second thought, NSK's singer was taunting Danzig first with bullshit. Granted, as the story goes, Danzig was trying to get one over on these clowns over booking or some shit. If your name was something as lame as "North Side Kings", who wouldn't?? LOL. Glenn Danzig is one of the richest, most respected INDIVIDUALS in the business. Where the fuck is North Side Kings 6 years later?? The whole thugcore sound and look was cool when? Emo-core is awful, NSK and such is just as dumb."
"Fuck NSK . I proudly wear my" NSK sucks your moms cock so hard it makes my nose bleed " T-shirt. Every weakling on American Idol has more talent than this band. If this is a song of their's, it's pretty shitty. I'd hate to waste my time on any more of their "hardcore." calling these guys hardcore is a fucking joke."

And for a little more clarification....

On a side note from the Hate Mail Quotes etc...

A few message boards online picked up on this page and wrote a real generic blurb on the book which has Danzig fans all riled up again. This is not a book on shit talking on Glenn, it's more about shit talking on me. It's funny, it's not to be taken serious, so relax out there.

Allow a little humor in your lives and stop taking everything so literal as if he is your best friend and if you don't defend his every action you are not metal enough.

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Glen is famous, still. Dan still works as Burger King manager in the local Phoenix area. He is obsessed with himself and everything Glen. Danzig is still a legend. The punch was a setup.


I won't be buying his book.  Danny loses.


You are reading this. Danny wins.


North Side Kings, still undefeated.

Wayfaring Pilgrim
Wayfaring Pilgrim

Al I gotta say is, the dude should have hit Danzig a few more times, then stomped him while he was down just for good measure!

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