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Photos by Benjamin Leatherman
Getting steamy at Red Revolver Lounge in Scottsdale on Saturday, June 30. See more pictures from our slideshow.

Man, was it ever boiling this past weekend, even during the nighttime hours. Despite the fact that the punishing sun was nowhere to be seen, the sweltering temps stuck around and forced clubgoers and nightlife commandos scene to don a couple of extra layers of body spray to counteract the funk.

But as hot as things got, it was nowhere near as steamy as the situation that developed at Red Revolver Lounge on Saturday, June 30. As the Club Candids cameras documented during our visit, the scene inside the Stetson Drive dance hall were sizzling like a spent six-shooter.

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Red Revolver was red hot as a throng of hundreds of sweaty bodies filled the saloon-inspired Old Town joint and swayed to the high-energy music video mix laid down by DJ Bazaar. Perched above the dance floor, the selecta moved deftly between Top 40 hits, ass-shaking bass boom, and off-the-chain urban jams.

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Meanwhile, patrons fanned themselves and wiped beads of perspiration from their brows with cocktail napkins from the bar in-between jags of bumping rumps on the dance floor. No amount of air conditioning could cool down this scene, although downing an ice-cold cerveza or a Red Bull vodka on the rocks certainly helped.

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Things particularly manic around last call when DJ Bazaar launched into a megamix of Michael Jackson hits in honor of the two-year anniversary of the King of Pop's passing. Signature Jacko tracks like "PYT," "Beat It," and "Wanna Be Starting Something" whipped the Red Revolver crowd into a fervor, causing patrons to dance atop its couches and chairs.

See what the scene was like by perusing this week's Club Candids slideshow.

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Red Revolver Lounge

7316 E. Stetson Drive, Scottsdale, AZ

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