Ween Is Over, But We Still Have These Five Dork Rock Groups to Love

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It's not usually a happy ending for a band when only some of their members are informed that they're breaking up. Aaron Freeman, a.k.a. Gene Ween, said earlier this week that it's time for him to put Ween to rest. "It's been a long time -- 25 years," Freeman said in an interview with Rolling Stone. "It was a good run."

He forgot to consider one minor detail when he made this decision, though: His bandmate Mickey Melchiondo, a.k.a. Dean Ween, was never formally informed that his Ween days had suddenly come to an end. It was "news to me," Melchiondo said. Even Ween's publicist had no information about the sneak attack-style breakup.

Although experimental rock band Ween is no longer around to entertain us (unless they pull a Jay-Z still stint of going in and out of retirement, or they are already planning a reunion tour), we can still hold a few dork rock bands near and dear to our hearts.

Check out five of our favorite goofy groups, in no particular order, after the jump...


They're sarcastic, their humor is dry, and they tell half the audience to "suck it" when the other half of the crowd sings along more loudly. After all, their dream girl wears a short skirt and a long jacket. Need we say more?


From Rivers Cuomo's adorkable thick-frame glasses to the band's love for vests, pullover sweaters, and fancy button-down shirts, Weezer always plays the part of the nerdiest rockers on the music scene. These guys are even down to play D&D, but only if they can play in the garage.

Ben Folds

Another musician who's not ashamed of his big ol' glasses, sometimes he just can't catch a break. Despite always being one for happy improvised songs at his shows, his albums are loaded with songs about dealing with shyness, rejection, and even a shmoshmortion. Ben said it best in "Army": "'Cause my peers, they criticize me/And my ex-wives all despise me/Try to put it all behind me/But my redneck past is nipping at my heals." Tough stuff, buddy.

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While I'm not as critical as the other commenters (I do like Weezer, Ben Folds and Cake), you're definitely a moron, Lenni. Have you ever even listened to their stuff? Ween really can't be compared to anyone. Certainly not these artists who are, for all intents and purposes, pretty straightforward.


ween is way, way better than those bands

it was a fun ride on the Poopship, all the way since Boston's in Tempe in '94

Boognish Provides

Some Dude
Some Dude

Umm, yeah, none of those other bands mentioned are in the same league as Ween.  Not even close.  But whatever.  Sad to see them go.  Can't wait for the inevitable reunion show at Brochella in 3 or 4 years.  

Dear Ween,

We had the best time at your party.  Thank you very much.


Sorry but what fucking band are you calling Dork Rock? I'm sure you're a pretty cool guy there Lenni Rosenblum . Why don't you sit on their dicks and stop comparing them to mediocre laymose. YOU are the big whale penis. I'm sorry I'm sure you're a nice person but this just isn't okay. 

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