TABS Remixes Indie Pop and EDM Hits into Ass-Shaking Extravaganzas

Since Anderson still resides in Tucson (and Hoss has since relocated to Tempe), they're creation process involves collaborating via the Internet. Being on the other side of the state has actually helped with things.

"I'm a little faster at the music programs and I'll usually start out with something basic and Ben will point out what needs to happen and where because my ears have been warped from listening too much," Hoss says. "And that's what benefits us from him being 100 miles away, is that he's not around when I'm doing my thing."

Each of them have their own area of expertise, Hoss explains.

"Ben's the huge mind behind it. As a better DJ than I, he knows what's good out there. As more of a producer, I know what's in here," Hoss says, pointing to his head. "And we mix those two things. I know what we can make, he knows what we can achieve. So we each compromise and meld songs out of that."

He adds they've gone through much the same process when working on their original songs, which have yet to see the light of day. Although the delay is mostly due to their search for the perfect vocalist to add lyrics to the tracks, Hoss says its also part of TABS' two-prong plan for success. First, hook 'em in with addictive remixes, which will whet their appetites for their own music.

"We have about nine original tracks we've been sitting on, but are waiting for a quality vocalist. We don't want to put out a song with a mediocre singer," Hoss says. "Some of them are timeless, others we've got to get out soon. Right now we're concentrating on remixes because it's easier to make your mark and get people to listen to you when they know a song and then get hooked on your version of it."

TABS are scheduled to open for Peachcake on Thursday, June 21 at the Rhythm Room. Doors open at 7:30 p.m. Admission is $5.

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