Phoenix MC Marcus Latief Scott Featured in Piranha 3DD, Drops Debut Album

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With all of the marquee movies in theaters right now, you might have missed the June 1 release of Piranha 3DD, a sequel to the 2010 horror-comedy Piranha. The flick promises to deliver, "twice the terror, and double the D's," with celebrity cameos by none other than Mr. Baywatch himself, David Hasselhoff and the ever-wacky Gary Busey.

The soundtrack to this gorefest gets some local treatment with homegrown rapper, Marcus Latief Scott, whose track, "Got Me in a Trance" pops up right after the opening credits and is the lead track on the official soundtrack.

Scott's self-titled debut off of local indie label, Fervor Records, dropped yesterday and is off to a racing start with the movie placement.

A taste of Piranha 3DD

The new album, which is described as having, "slick hooks and natural born swagger," alternates between electronic club banging beats on, "Got Me In A Trance" and "The Fun Never Stops," and more soulful, funky cuts in "Do or Die" and "Speak Up." The Phoenix-native shows off his grandiose gab over the 12-tracks.

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Everyone in Arizona missed Piranha 3DD because it was a limited release (75 theaters) that didn't open here. Google's really nice for fact-checking. 

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