Half String: Vintage Phoenix Shoegazers Reunite for California Tour

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Kimber Lanning at Ranchos De Los Muertos
I think the US [shoegaze] bands, particularly from the '90s, were immune to the poison served up by the fickle UK press.

--Brandon Capps, Half String

The "Beautiful Noise" scene -- featuring you guys and bands like Astrobrite/lovesliecrushing -- has become a part of the "shoegaze" legacy. How do you feel the US-based stuff, and the Southwest in particular, differs from the UK sound? Any common distinguishing characteristics?

I think the US bands, particularly from the '90s, were immune to the poison served up by the fickle UK press. "Shoegaze" was not as taboo as it was in the UK back then. We operated in our own realm outside of the influence of a dominant music press, and had a more DIY approach.

Many of us were recording at home on 4-tracks and releasing records independently. The sound in turn was not as hyper-produced, and often more authentic. Sure there was hazy reverb, lots of fuzz and sweet melodies, but I can say Half String for one, had post-punk on the brain, too. Bands like The Names and Swell Maps were certainly influential for us in addition to those epic Creation bands (Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine, Ride).

Have you guys considered doing any new music?

We recently demoed a song written in '97 that never made it to record. I'm hopeful some ideas are sprung during rehearsals for this mini-tour. We'll be recording a session for Part Time Punks on Monday, which will hopefully include a couple things that never been heard outside of the practice space. Other than that, there are no immediate plans.

How about a Phoenix show?

I'd love to do a show in Phoenix--it would very sentimental for us, since our roots were planted there. Maybe at some point in the future we can coordinate it, but for now I feel fortunate just to have put together these shows in California.

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