Flashback Friday: An '80s Conversation with Super Stereo

Super Stereo
Where we're going, we don't need roads; just a synthesizer, eyeliner, and a touch of androgyny. Welcome to Flashback Friday.

Local future-pop rockers Super Stereo are marking their triumphant return to the stage with a super-sweet lineup tomorrow night at Crescent Ballroom.

After a brief hiatus from performing, the five-piece Tempe band are dusting off the old keyboards and amps and are ready to unveil some of the new material they've been working on.

Super Stereo will be playing along with fellow locals Factories, Snake! Snake! Snakes!, and TABS on Saturday, June 9. But before then, we caught up with bandmates Lo and Statz to talk about some of their favorite '80s bands and songs.

Statz: One of my favorite bands -- actually they're kind of how we got our name -- is the Talking Heads.

I was reading a book about the Talking Heads, because I'm a nerd and I like to read, but I guess when the drummer and the bass player got married, there was something about the music being provided by a stereo, and it was super -- something to that effect. But it stuck in my head. So I guess that makes them indirectly responsible for our name.

But I've always liked them ever since I first heard them. Obviously, all of the '80s music I came into happened at a later time; because during the '80s I was like five. So I didn't quite have that musical taste back then.

One of the things that I always liked about the Talking Heads -- what really influenced me was that they weren't really musicians. They were just creative people. For most of them, music was not their primary creative outlet. They came to music to find a new medium to communicate something. And that really comes across in their music because they're not really focused on the machismo that comes with playing an actual instrument. They really cared more about getting their message across.

One of my favorite songs of theirs is "Naïve Melody." The song is simple and understated and that couldn't have happened if they were really [proficient] musicians. It's just the perfect culmination of creative ideas.

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Crescent Ballroom

308 N. 2nd Ave., Phoenix, AZ

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