Erick Biez, What Are You Listening To?

Erick Biez

Erick Biez

The local comedian performs on the Stand Up Live Comedy Gold Showcase featuring Jeff Dye on Wednesday, June 27. For more info, go here.

When you put your key in the ignition and turn on the radio, what station would play right now? No radio, not now, not ever. I'm actually on a huge podcast kick. If you have a smartphone, I highly suggest downloading the Stitcher app. It streams all of my favorite podcasts. I suggest Hollywood Babble-On with Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman, Mohr Stories with Jay Mohr and the Nerdist Podcast with Chris Hardwick, Jonah Ray and Matt Mira. Also, check out S&M Comedy Podcast from right here in the Valley with hosts Steve Marek and Jamie Sanderson. Geez, that sounded like a total plug -- I should ask those guys for some money.

What's the first album you bought? I think the first "album" I bought was the Wayne's World soundtrack on cassette, but I had a lot of tapes already. My parents were super-young when they had me, so I was surrounded by music since I was an infant. I think I was the only 5-year-old who had two Iron Maiden posters in his bedroom, one over my bed and one at the foot of my bed. I think falling asleep to morbid pictures of "Eddie" was not the best thing for early childhood development.

What's the first concert you saw? First concert I ever saw, from what my parents told me, was The Monkees when I was 3. My dad took me to concerts all the time when I was a kid. A fun and embarrassing fact about me: I went to every Bon Jovi concert that came to Cleveland until I was 11.

What's your favorite concert you've ever been to? That's like asking me what's my favorite roller coaster I've ever ridden. It's not fair. They are all amazing -- actually it's the Millennium Force at Cedar Point in Ohio -- but my favorite concert would have to be Converge, Cave In, and Between the Buried and Me at the Brickhouse in 2005, I think. Favorite fest? Stress Fest in Cleveland.

What's the last song played on your music player? "Sweet Georgia Brown," by Daughters, off their self-titled album. I like weird people singing weirdly over weird music -- I like weirdoes. They make the best art.

Preferred format: CD, vinyl, cassette, 8-Track or digital? I know a lot of people say vinyl, but I think that's extremely pretentious. I want my music everywhere I go at all times. I'd have to say digital, but I love when albums are recorded in analog format. Witchcraft, Baroness, Vaux, anything that comes out of God City Studios.

What's your favorite album? I refuse to even consider the possibility of having one favorite album. Music has basically shaped me into the person I am today, and I would be doing so many albums a great disservice by not choosing them. So here is a short list -- sorry for breaking the rules. Converge, Jane Doe. Murder City Devils, Empty Bottles, Broken Hearts. Codeseven, Dancing Echos/Dead Sounds. Coheed and Cambria, In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3 (sidenote: I'm a huge Coheed nerd). Saul Williams, Amethyst Rock Star. On The Might of Princes, Sirens. The (International) Noise Conspiracy, Survival Sickness. Even picking those albums was excruciatingly hard to do because there are so many albums that made me who I am.

Who is your favorite singer or band? Hands down, no pause -- Brandtson. Check out Fallen Star Collection and Trying to Figure Each Other Out. Those are two albums that will always get me through any rough patch.

Does you computer track how many times you've played something -- if so, what's at the top of the list? "Smooth Criminal," by Timmy Wiggins off of The 90's Joint. That's about as hood as I get -- and it's not really hood at all, but then again, neither am I.

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