Dry River Yacht Club Premieres "Rape of Persephone" Music Video

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What inspired you to model a song after the myth?

HR: This song started with Garnet [the lead singer], actually. She had had a little piano line that we started with and then the band built it up to where it is now as a group. The rape of Persephone is the story of Persephone, who is the daughter of Zeus and Demeter. She gets taken by Hades to the underworld, and that's how we have the season of winter, according to Greek mythology. Her return to Earth is springtime and summer, and fall and winter is her return to the underworld.

In the words, Garnet has "let me go back to my mother, Demeter's on the Earth." The whole song rolls with that, and I think Trevvor's take on it is really awesome, with the eclipse and the way the shots happen naturally with shadowing and the shading. We found all these dead places that had been burned by fire, and I saw some of the clips in the video from that. I remember we watching the video for the first time and seeing that huge, dead tree in the video.

Comparing the rape of Persephone to the rape of the land by fire. That's what our intention was with that.

It gives that winterous, death-y feel, which stays true to the song. At the end, the triumphant return, it goes to this really happy chord progression, C to F -- 1 to 4 -- but they're major chords, and it really creates that change from that real dark minor feel. I love how Trevvor and his crew got a shot of getting us from the actual changing of light over as the song is changing. I really think that makes an impact in the video.

Why did you include an eclipse?

TR: [Persephone] gets taken away, so I wanted that to be a dark time, period. And then I wanted Garnet, which she does in the video, for her to bring back the light with her voice. It works out perfectly. The idea for the eclipse is from the start, when Lauren [Rose Franco, actress who plays Persephone] gets kidnapped by the hand. You saw the hand, which was my hand done up in prosthetic makeup. That was the whole idea, that these strange sun-dried hands grab her, steal her. We don't know what it is -- it was just supposed to be a quick thing. The eclipse would happen, then she would get stolen and then the sun would come back.

Tell me about your decision not to show much of Persephone herself.
TR: My intention was to make the mountain and nature the main character, and you guys are just existing within that. Persephone is featured even less than the band. It almost seems like she's an afterthought. The effects that it's having on nature more than it's having on an individual -- that's why you see the eclipse happening in nature and not on her.

Dry River Yacht Club is scheduled to perform with River City Extension on Thursday, June 14 at the Rhythm Room.

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